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Skincare love.

So I love skincare. Love it. And lately I’ve been trying to simplify my life, finally figure out what makes my seemingly-always-upset skin and start having a less complicated start to my day. I love makeup, it is super fun and I like to wear it for me, but there comes a time in a girls life where they realize they’ve been in the same routine since their scene queen days (which was totally not me *avoids eye contact with you.*) And with the sun getting stronger every day the idea of melty makeup just sounds gross and impractical. So here is a list of natural stuff that is less about covering, and more about helping what you already have. I stumbled onto most of them by accident but they’ve been working, which never happens.

Feel free to let me know what works for you when it starts to get hotter! 


1. 10% benzoyl peroxide has literally changed my life. And I kid you not it’s $5 or under. Anything else is for hormornal teenage acne, and this also doubles as a help for blackheads. Just makes sure you pair it with a strong moisturizer.

2. Baking soda: as a scrub (use gently or you’ll be sorry,) and as a mask on your blackhead problem areas. If you leave a thin layer on your shiny areas during the day it also helps to naturally knock out shine and deep clean at the same time. Whaatttt. Also lemon + brown sugar is my jam for multi-use exfoliant cause lemon has natural lactic acid. God why do I know that it’s so embarassng.

3. Medline Remedy Nutrasheild lotion with olive. It’s no-joke recommended to people who have dry skin from snowboarding but it’s the only moisturizer that’s ever worked for me: it’s super crazy strong but olive helps control oil so there’s no shine when it dries. HELLA AWESOME

4. Booth’s Tahitian Monoi Oil: it’s like coconut oil but it’s more non-comodogenic (this means it won’t make your skin gods unhappy.) And it smells like a freaking island. An island on your face. Also works on rough knees and elbows. 

5. Cetaphil facial soap. I will never use anything else ever again. My skin will revolt against anything with an ounce of glycerine. This is more like washing your face with a hug.

6. Aveeno oatmeal based SPF for babies for facial SPF. It’s as harsh as water, i.e. not at all.

Okay chickadees that is all. 

Me today.

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Speaking of my love. Here he is! It is quite possible he loves Gilly Gill more than me and I say this in the proudest fashion because it is freaking adorable.

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On who to love.

you should love someone who makes you feel like dating them is good for your soul.

before i started dating again after my divorce (i got engaged at nineteen, married at 20, extremely young, and i ended it right after i turned 23,) i was actively pursuing things that were good for me because i had let my desires and needs be overshadowed for so long in the name of peacekeeping.

things like going out with friends, going on bike rides, reading books, going to the library, writing about whatever i wanted. being open with whoever i wanted to be open with. dreaming bigger, working harder, and making sure everything i agreed to was 100% my decision.

when i first met my love, i didn’t even think of him in a romantic way. i just knew that if i didn’t become his friend my life would be void of his fantastic humor, his earnest, compassionate conversation. that my life would be boring, knowing i could have been his friend and let it slide to the corner. romanticism didn’t even come into the picture, i was just doing what was good for my soul and i felt like i deserved (such a weird concept until then,) someone as good as him in my life.

i had dated so many people based on not wanting to disappoint them, or others, or because they asked over and over and eventually i caved. choosing someone on my own accord, because of my own wants and desires, lit me completely on fire in all the best ways.